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Cyprus Air is the industry leader, serving VA, MD, & DC since 1967. Cyprus Air offers its service-oriented expertise and reliability to ensure the high quality standards upon which architects, engineers and homeowners rely. You can feel comfortable choosing Cyprus Air Fireplace Systems as we are a featured Washington Gas installer & dealer.




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24 Point Fireplace Service, Safety Inspection, Cleaning, and Tune Up Includes:

  1. Remove logs, burner, and accessories and place on tarp.
  2. Vacuum fireplace cleaning to remove dust build up around the open flame and cobwebs.
  3. Carefully clean each log.
  4. Clean fire-log grate.
  5. Vacuum and clean burners.
  6. Inspect and clean pilot assembly.
  7. Inspect and clean thermocouple millivolt assembly.
  8. Replace sand.
  9. Replace embers.
  10. Replenish lava rocks.
  11. Inspect for CO2.
  12. Check for gas leaks.
  13. Check gas pressure.
  14. Tighten gas orifice.
  15. Check for loose fittings
  16. Tighten all gas connections.
  17. Inspect and tighten all electrical and non-electrical wires.
  18. Check batteries in remote control.
  19. Check batters in remote receiver.
  20. Clean fire-rated glass.
  21. Perform start-up on maintained system.
  22. Explain fireplace operation.
  23. Check dante valves.
  24. Inspect chimney.

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